**NOTE** The Film LA Insurance Review Process described below is outside Verifly's control or influence and may take up to three business days to complete. If your mission is sooner than that, we will try and help but ultimately all permit decisions are up to Film LA and its related institutions. The Film LA process is subject to change without notice.


How to Use Verifly with Film LA:

  1. The pilot must contact Film LA to obtain the correct policy requirements including (but not limited to) policy limit and the content of required additional insured fields. These requirements will vary depending on where the shoot is taking place, even if it is still requires a Film LA permit, for example shoots in LA County require additional information and oversight. The contact we have for Film LA is insurancerep2@filmla.com. Verifly cannot provide any advice or guidance on Film LA requirements.
  2. Purchase a pre-booked policy for the time of the flight / permit with the correct details obtained from Film LA. Please note that everything must be exactly as Film LA asks, the additional insureds must be word-for-word correct.
  3. Send the policy certificate and full policy (you will receive these by email or may download them from the app) to your Film LA contact asking for them to approve the policy and confirm via email.
  4. Forward the email to support@verifly.com or attach its content to an existing support case. Ask for the next step, which usually is for Verifly to submit the policy to the Track4LA system. Please note that Verifly will not make submissions to Track4LA without written acknowledgement from FilmLA that your policy meets their requirements.
  5. Verifly will attempt to process the policy. In many cases, the policy will have to be processed and approved manually by LA city and / or county representatives.
  6. You will be provided by email either an approval or a decline with a reason. If your policy is declined for any reason, you will have to withdraw your prebook and start this process from the beginning.

Good luck!