Thimble has two apps: “Thimble – General Liability” and “Verifly – Drone Liability.” Verifly – Drone Liability is for aviation liability only. This policy covers your legal liability for accidental injury to other people or property damage caused your use of a drone. Thimble – General Liability arranges Commercial General Liability (CGL) policies which cover the Named Insured’s legal liability from accidental injury to other people, damage to their property, and Personal & Advertising Injury. There is an exclusion for liability which results from the use of aircraft, including drones.

So, if you are a drone pilot and you want coverage for your flights, please download the Verifly - Drone Liability app. If you also would like to cover your activities on the ground (e.g. photography, construction work) then you may also download and use Thimble – General Liability. The two apps offer complimentary (but not overlapping) coverage.