Thimble uses Stripe to process our payments. When a payment is "declined" this means your bank is not authorizing the charge. Unfortunately, banks don't share much detail on their reasoning behind these declines. Any information that Stripe receives will be communicated to you with the decline message. Some reasons why banks decline card transactions:

  • Not enough funds available in the account. There needs to be enough available balance to clear the premium you are attempting to charge. Please check your balance.
  • Bank security measures intended to protect your account. These could include anti-fraud protections or similar. Please contact your bank using the number on the back of your card.
  • Restrictions on your card type. Some FSA/HSA cards are limited to certain types of businesses (e.g. healthcare providers) and any other type of purchase will be declined. Some cards have purchases restricted in certain countries outside of their own.

Thimble cannot help you with declined transactions - for security and privacy reasons only you can communicate with your bank about the reasons your card may not be working. You must call your bank or use a different card. To use a different card, simply click or tap on the card details link on the checkout page. You will be able to enter a new card details and continue to check out.