An Additional Insured is a party added to a liability policy as an insured in regard to a specific job, activity, or location. This person or entity has a business relationship with the Named Insured, and extending coverage to them is a means of protecting their interest in the event that a covered claim or lawsuit is brought against them for injury or damage caused by your negligence. You can add Additional Insureds to new and existing policies on the Thimble app.

By contrast, your crew includes anyone who is engaged in a cooperative effort with you whose actions related to the covered activities you would like to be insured by your policy. Adding a crew member adds them as an insured so their actions are covered, whereas the actions of Additional Insureds are not generally covered.

We currently support policy coverage for crew members in a growing number of states—if this feature is supported where you live, you will be prompted to add your crew members when you purchase your policy. If your business is not located in one of these states, coverage is priced and offered for one person (but this feature will be available in your state soon, so check back often!).

You can learn more about the difference between Additional Insureds and crew members on our blog.