1) Thimble Monthly is ongoing coverage on a monthly payment plan. The first month’s premium is the most expensive, but then your price goes down over time. This is due to factors like differences in risk exposure, the way that our program is filed with each state’s department of insurance, and the different number of days in each month. Under your monthly quote, select ‘View Payment Breakdown’ to see a breakdown of the average premium price shown.

2) Annual is a more traditional way of purchasing General Liability coverage. Purchasing an annual policy from Thimble will provide you with a years worth of coverage for one up front payment. Each policy will also contain a products/completed operations endorsement that will offer coverage for up to a year after the policy expires for work performed during the policy period. You will have the opportunity to renew your policy at the end of your policy term. 

See link for live map update to see what coverages are available in your state: https://www.thimble.com/available